Plenary session. Global Challenges of The New Economic Reality

10:00 - 11:30

Hall A, 3rd Floor

The world entered an era of large-scale shocks. The victory of Donald Trump in the US presidential elections, Brexit, the influx of migrants in Europe, and at the same time, rising unemployment, global warming and the decline of the petrodollar era are challenging all of humanity. It's time to say openly: We stand on the threshold of a new economic reality, where the old laws no longer in effect, and the new ones still should be found.

The best minds fervently working on the solutions of this enormous challenge, many of which are here today, at the Kiev International Economic Forum. Together we have to understand whether the new economic reality will become the basis for improving people's lives. How to turn the problems of climate change into a locomotive of the economy? Is Europe able to regain its leadership in the Asian century? And where is Ukraine in this coordinate system?

Panel Speakers