Alan Barnard
CEO of Goldratt Research Labs

Dr Alan Barnard is one of the leading Theory of Constraints (TOC) experts in the world. As CEO of Goldratt Research Labs, he worked directly with Dr Eli Goldratt (international best selling author, scientist, business leader and creator of Theory of Constraints) for over 20 years to spearhead the research and development of new applications of TOC in especially large and complex organizations from both the private and public sector wishing to achieve more (goal units) with less (resources) in less time.

As CEO of Goldratt Research Labs, Alan acts as strategy advisor for organizations such as Microsoft, Cargill, ABB, Nike, Tata Steel, BHP, Daiwa House, Fujitsu and Penguin Random House.

Alan and his team typically contributes a third of their time and experience to a number of non-profit organizations to help apply the insights and benefits of their Theory of Constraints based research insights to public sector organizations, NGOs and individuals.

Alan is also the chief architect of the HARMONY range of Decision Maker, Change Designer and Change Maker Web and IOS Apps. HARMONY was nominated in 2013 for the Silicon Valley Business App awards.