Jim Garrison
Head of Flag 4 Education, Founder of Ubiquity University

Jim Garrison has served since 2012 as Founder and President of Ubiquity University, an education and technology platform company dedicated to providing innovative and affordable learning globally in partnership with an international network of educational institutions.

Garrison served as Founder and President of Wisdom University from 2005 – 2012. Garrison served as President of the State of the World Forum from 1995 – 2005. Prior to this, Garrison was founder of the Radiation and Health Information Service in 1978.

He attended the University of Tel Aviv in 1972 to study Middle Eastern Affairs, and received a B.A. magna cum laude in World History from Santa Clara University (1973). He then received a double M.T.S. in Christology and History of Religion from Harvard University (1975) and a Ph.D. in Philosophical Theology from Cambridge University (1982).

Garrison published his first book in 1980 called The Plutonium Culture (SCM). His forthcoming books are on Climate Change and the Primordial Mind, The Darkness of God: Theology After Hiroshima (SCM, 1982), The New Diplomats (Resurgence Press, 1984), Civilization and the Transformation of Power (Paraview Press, 2000), America As Empire (Barrett Koehler, 2004), Climate Change and the Primordial Mind.