Yaroslav Zablotskyy
Founder of dental clinics «Zablotsky Clinic»

Yaroslav Zablotskyy – is an assoc. prof. of medical sciences, professor, leader of private Academy, practicing doctor. He owns a group of dental clinics «Zablotsky Clinic» TM, a service company №1 by «DYB Business Club» and KMBS, one of the most expensive brands in Ukraine in the area of professional medical services. He put out a clinic on the franchise level and realized projects in Odessa and Sofia, opened Dental care offices in Kyiv and Lviv, where only one service is provided – professional teeth cleaning.

The author of the book «How I Became Zablotskyy. Adventures of a dentist with a red bowtie». Author and anchor of the TV show «How I Became» (format: talk on a par terms with millionaires).