"Points of Growth" Establishment and Export Increase in the Global Competition

08 October 13:15 - 14:45 San-Francisco

Every country in the world is committed to growth, but not all have equal starting opportunities. The choice of the weak countries in the global competition is between two poles: complete openness of the economy without stimulating of any sectors, or creation of "points of growth". The last one is about supporting individual activities or giving special conditions to certain areas for doing business. For Ukrainian enterprises, the domestic market is not sufficient; therefore, the focus on exports should be inseparable from the investment activities.

Issues to be discussed:

• How to create an attractive business climate in Ukraine through the "points of growth"?

• What specific support mechanisms are needed to create innovation clusters?

• What should be the role of the state in the formation of industrial parks?

• What are the examples of industrial parks and free economic zones in Ukraine?

• Benefits of industrial parks: how to count them? How to prevent corruption if special conditions are made?

• What changes of macroeconomic indicators occur in case of successful operation of industrial parks?

• Is it possible to use public-private partnerships in the industry?

• Conversion of oligarchic FIGs into core clusters — myth or reality? What can the state do to start this process?

• How Ukrainian companies can conquer the markets of other countries? Where to start?

• How to stimulate export without violating international agreements?

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