Best International Practices in Building Strong National Economy and Vision of Economic Development of Ukraine

08 October 09:15 - 10:15 Dallas

Hi-tech modernization should be the main consequence of the reforms in Ukraine. The ways to achieve it will be the keynote of the second Kyiv International Economic Forum, together with the formation of a common reform vision.

Issues to be discussed:

  • How to reach the same understanding of reforms among all the influence groups?
  • How to get strategies and plans across to the international business and political circles?
  • How to transform the Ukrainian government's current position of unqualified aid applicant? What should we do to make international loan funds to be used as "fishing rod" and not "fish"?
  • How to give the West a clear idea of what should be financed for Ukraine's real recovery and growth?
  • How to form new teams of reformers to show international donors who will be actually implementing the reforms?
  • What should be done in the economic area to embark on the new modernization?
  • There is a clear European trend of returning production from China back to Europe. Can Ukraine use its potential and take advantage of the chance to become a "factory of Europe"?

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