Challenges and Prospects of World Trade. Ukraine-EU Association Agreement

08 October 16:00 - 17:30 Dallas 1

After the fall of the Soviet trading system, all businesses were provided with the opportunity to engage in export and import. The tradition of overcoming shortages of goods has been entrenched for decades and has led to an active import of consumer goods. At the same time raw materials dominated over hi-tech and high margin goods. 

International trade agreements were usually concluded in the interest of big companies. Inexperience of businesses, especially medium-sized ones, resulted in the international negotiations on one-sided opening of the markets, and not in favor of Ukrainian companies.

Today there is an urgent need for an active study of the already existing conditions of international trade, and explaining their benefits and opportunities for the Ukrainian businessmen. Unfavorable terms of trade should be reviewed.

Issues to be discussed:

• Ukraine is not sufficiently promoting the interests of Ukrainian vendors abroad. What do domestic enterprises lack to be competitive both abroad and within the country?

• Is it necessary to sign free trade agreements with all the new trading partners? What are positive and negative experiences?

• Is there a sufficient number of analytical institutions?

• What promising areas for Ukrainian exports are existing?

• What are the effects of the European Union Association Agreement for Ukrainian businesses?

• What should be done to improve the export-import balance?

• Africa and Latin America — are there chances for Ukrainian goods at those markets?

• What are the success stories of Ukrainian companies entering the EU market?

• Will export insurance help, taking into account the lack of long-term and cheap loans?

• What are the examples of successful removal of technical and customs barriers?

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