Education – Science – Business. How to Build a Relationship?

08 October 16:15 - 17:45 San-Francisco

In order for the improved system of education to help gaining added value, but not brain drain, it must be mounted in an innovation chain. This chain includes schools and high education, science, commercialization of inventions, launch of serial products and capitalization of companies. Absence or underdevelopment of any of these chain links makes the improvement of all others inefficient.

Issues to be discussed:

  • What is an innovative system and how to ensure its existence in Ukraine?
  • The first results from implementing the changes would lead to an increase in business revenues and GDP in 3-10 years. How to convince the society today, that changes are urgently needed?
  • How to ensure commercialization of inventions and its subsequent use in production?
  • How to engage youth in the knowledge economy and creative economy?
  • Online education — will it really become a powerful tool for rapid changes for better?
  • How to use the opportunities provided by the EU, in particular, by the Horizon 2020 program?

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