Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Investment in the Independence

08 October 10:45 - 12:15 Istanbul

Energy efficiency is a key component of strategic development plans in the developed countries. So far, Ukraine can't overcome the substantial backlog from the developed world in energy efficiency. We have several strategies and state programs, but instead of sufficient investment in the reducing of energy consumption we buy large amounts of gas.

Energy consumption per production unit in Ukraine is several times higher than those in the developed countries. The dominance of outdated energy-intensive technologies, raw material export orientation and lack of public culture of energy consumption lead to chronic dependence on energy imports. But it is possible to achieve energy independence. We need to apply energy saving in the industry and at home, and use a great potential of the country in the production of energy from renewable and alternative sources.

Issues to be discussed:


• How to achieve energy modernization of the cities?

• What are the prospects for renewable energy in Ukraine and the world? Can we expect in 10 years to have 25%of the country's energy consumption to be from alternative sources?

• What effect do energy saving projects have compared with similar investments in gas and oil?

• What should be done for quick and powerful restart of wind energy in Ukraine?

• What prevents active use of biomass energy?

• Are there any prospects of hydropower in Ukraine?

• House with zero energy consumption – is it myth or reality?

• How to teach ordinary citizens to be energy efficient? Would tariff increase become a driver for energy saving?

• How to make solar energy development a business of millions of people and small businesses?

• Will the spread of solar and wind energy in Ukraine help manufacturers in mechanical engineering?

• Energy saving experience in various economy sectors in the EU, the US, China and Japan.

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