Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Investment Attractiveness

07 October 12:00 - 13:30 San Francisco Meeting room

Ukraine is becoming less energy dependent; output in raw materials sectors is decreasing due to reduction in the import of energy resources. Meanwhile, energy generation sector doesn’t look very attractive to investors. Investment potential reaches USD 100 billion. However, having national monopolies in this sector, it is useless to expect considerable investment to come. Considering, that owners simply have no money, handing over the sector to strategic foreign investors would improve the situation.

Investment in renewable energy sources should be encouraged only if it stimulates the creation of new industry in Ukraine. Support and benefits prove to stimulate businesses much more than compulsion. An assumption, that market can boost industry or energy efficiency all by itself is a myth. Funds invested in energy efficiency of buildings must correlate with households’ income over a particular period of time. More importantly, active implementation of the law on energy servicing companies would cause an investment break-through. These are potential issues for the panel discussion.

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