Industry 4.0: What and How to Teach in the 21st Century?

06 October 10:45 - 12:15 San Francisco Meeting room

Innovation system and its connection to education is one of priority issues for panel discussion. Previous Forums, KIEF-2014 and KIEF-2015 discussed education as an element of economy, improvement of education system and its integration into the system of fundamental and applied science. Despite the fact that innovation system, which is effectively operating in the world’s developed countries, is not flawless in Ukraine, global development already puts forward the following tasks – integration of education, science and business in one closed, developing and improving process.

A challenge and the issue Number 1 is how to turn universities into real business units, where entire innovation development process would involve teaching a student, launching a start-up, creating a prototype, and selling a technology for batch production. In other words, the question is how to make combination of venture business and search for new start-ups in universities a permanent practice? Another issue is education amid fourth industrial revolution. ‘Economics of art’ has already found its place in the world’s top universities. So, what universities should remain in Ukraine and how will they change after reforms?

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