Ukraine: Time for New Investments

07 October 10:00 - 11:30 Dallas Ballroom 2

Downturn of Ukraine’s economy can be perceived positively when it comes to a possibility of getting cheap assets prices. Ukraine’s industrial infrastructure is mostly outdated. However, investment into it can bring high capitalization, considering skillful and cheap labor force, Ukraine’s developed transportation channels, bordering on 4 EU member states and sea access to Turkey and Middle East.

Ukraine is on its turning point from deindustrialization to economy modernization. Ukraine’s fully open and globally integrated economy with valid Free Trade Agreement with the EU, Canada, Turkey and Israel is highly attractive to foreign investors, who are mostly interested in agriculture and infrastructure sectors. Despite military conflict in Donbas, foreign businesses are not going to leave Ukraine and increase their presence instead. Ukraine successfully uses its potential in information technologies, where outsourcing share amounts to billions of dollars and constantly rises. What are the ways of attracting investment in other sectors?

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