Living Over 100 Years. Technologies for Healthy Longevity

08 November 15:00 - 16:30 B Hall 1st Floor

Being physically active, communicative, reducing stress, eating healthy, developing intellectually, having a goal in life and beliefs – this is a simple formula for longevity that the scientists have confirmed to be true over the years. They found it and then thought: why stop at this? The questions of longevity and countering aging have always interested humans, and achievements of modern science in biology, gerontology, genetics, and medicine have not only considerably changed the understanding of related processes, but allowed to upgrade the quality of life and start a discussion about healthy longevity on a new level.

How do new technologies help avoid living your retirement years in the waiting to die mode? In a hundred years, how difficult will it be to live till one hundred? Which innovations are already in use?

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