Private Equity: Who Can You Trust?

08 November 11:30 - 13:00 C Hall 1st Floor

More than a half of the citizens in America are private investors. The main investment direction is securities, which are an alternative to traditional bank deposits, bringing more profit to a private investor.

Ukrainians, due to distrust to financial institutions, are accustomed to keeping their savings at home, rather than investing them. In rare cases, the average Ukrainian decides to invest in real estate or buying currency. The stock market of Ukraine in fact has a very low activity of individual investors.

Lack of experience, financial literacy, doubts and fear do not allow us to rationally invest our savings and receive good dividends from investments. More than $50 billion of private money has been withdrawn from the economy and does not work for its development.

How to increase confidence in financial institutions in Ukraine? Where to invest for a stable profit? Which industries are most promising for private equity? What are the prospects for the development of the securities market in Ukraine?

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