Zero to Million: Practical Case Studies for Business Scaling

08 November 14:00 - 15:30 E Hall 1st Floor

From the first day of the existence of a business, the owner dreams of scaling it up. But not everyone knows that for this purpose it is important to launch a number of regular strategic processes in the company. What are these processes and how to start them correctly at the starting point? And why do some companies manage to grow at a speed of light, gain momentum and conquer the market, while the second ones with a good product stomp in one place for years? Is there a magic tablet for quick scaling, or is it better to focus on the step by step approach in this matter? What are the pitfalls in practice? Find out all the answers from the best Ukrainian practitioners, so that tomorrow you can scale to the level of world business Atlantes.

Panel Discussion Partner:The  international educational and consulting  company “Business Constructor”

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