Towards the Future. What World are Technologies Leading Us to?

07 October 11:00 - 12:30 C Hall 1st Floor

It's impossible to predict the future, but it's worth a try. Tomorrow is created on the basis of the decisions made today.

Futurologists claim that our lives will be profoundly and irreversibly altered. Computers, or more precisely artificial intelligence, will surpass humans. We will witness the emergence of a super-intelligence that will be capable of coming up with ideas that no human has ever thought of before.

There are already signs that AI is starting to take root in almost everything we do: context-aware Internet search, autonomous cars, unmanned delivery, Siri that answers your emails, and Google's virtual assistant that schedules your appointments. For safety and productive remote work there is Microsoft Viva. Platform for collaboration, communication, learning etc.

Businesses that don't follow the technological advances that we see becoming mainstream are losing out against those that already do.

What future technologies are available today? Will robots be able to replace your colleagues? And in general, technology in 2050: will it save humanity or destroy it?

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