Competition in the 21st Century: What Can Ukraine and Local Business Count on?


Three panel discussions at the Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF) will be dedicated to different aspects of global competition. The panel “International Business: Competitors or Partners?” on October 18 will be dedicated to the realities and prospects of cooperation between states and business in those countries which are at different stages of development. Experts from different sectors of the economy will offer their vision of how countries and companies can take their chance to transform themselves, as well as what needs to be done to enter the global value chains.

The speakers of another panel called “Investment Climate and Global Competition” on October 19 will discuss what advantages developing countries have and what they can offer to global capital. Representatives of major banks and investment companies will tell you which niches are the most promising for investments and where to look for a resource to launch globally competitive companies. The discussion will be moderated by a special guest of the forum — a British journalist and former BBC World News presenter, Nik Gowing.

Another rather unusual view of competition will be in the focus of the panel discussion “The Future of Competitiveness: Corporations, Cities, Countries” on October 18. Experts will try to find a recipe for mutually beneficial development of corporations, cities and states in such conditions when transnational companies have already surpassed the capabilities of countries and mega-cities have become civilization centers of the world.

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