Economic future of Ukraine: dialogue of international experts with youth


First-ever Ukrainian conference of scientific youth "Economic Future of Ukraine" will be held in Kyiv on March 30 by the Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF) and the Ukrainian Association of the Club of Rome. The purpose of this event is to help talented Ukrainian youth to become the architects of better economic and social reality, to unite their energy around the ideas of balanced and socially oriented economic development.

The conference, which will bring together more than 350 economists and lecturers from leading universities all over the country, will be dedicated to the economics of prosperity and psychology of success. World-renowned economists will outline global trends, and prominent entrepreneurs will share their own experiences and visions. The conference will be the second of a series of events organized in preparation for the fifth KIEF, which will be held on October 18-19, 2018.

"For all these four years, our Forum has been focusing on the  business-society-government triangle, which has to purposefully manage the country's economy today. Now we are trying to add to this process a fourth category - the youth who will build Ukraine in the future. As the great Ukrainian, honorary member of the Club of Rome, Bogdan Havrylyshyn once said: "Youth will change Ukraine!". We fully share this view and strive for its realization, "- comments Yuriy Pyvovarov, chairman of the organizing committee of the Kyiv International Economic Forum.

Conference speakers will be more than 15 leading international and Ukrainian economists, scholars, successful industrialists and entrepreneurs. Among them, co-president of the Club of Rome Anders Wijkman (Sweden), world-renowned economist, founder of the Other Canon Foundation, chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Center for Market Economy Development (CMD-Ukraine), Professor Erik S. Reinert (Norway), Chief Executive Officer of the World Consortium of Universities (World University Consortium) and the World Academy of Art & Science, Professor Garry Jacobs (USA).

The conference program can be found at this link.

About KIEF

Kyiv International Economic Forum is one of the largest business events in Ukraine, which serves as a communication platform for establishing contacts between foreign investors, Ukrainian business and government officials.

On October the 18-19th, for the fifth consecutive year, KIEF will bring together world-class economists, foreign and Ukrainian opinion leaders, businessmen, statesmen, representatives of international companies and investment funds, politicians and diplomats to discuss issues of key importance for the Ukrainian economy.

The main theme of this year's KIEF will be the future in the high-tech world. Therefore, in addition to traditional discussions about the development of economy, industry, financial system and education, much of the Forum will be devoted to the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, robotization, blockchain, and their impact on business and society. In addition, an exhibition of an area of over 1,000 square meters will be arranged at the KIEF, to which hi-tech companies are invited.

During the first KIEF, held in 2014, the contours of structural reforms needed for Ukraine’s economic breakthrough were outlined. Within KIEF-2015, experts offered the most effective tools for this breakthrough. The main conclusion was the advice not to give Ukraine's economy at the mercy of the free market, and specifically to manage it via the government-business-society triangle. 2016 Forum was dedicated to strategic issues: how to attract investments to Ukraine and how to become part of a global process of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. To participate in the fourth Forum, which in October 2017 brought together 113 speakers from 30 countries, 210 media representatives and more than 1,200 visitors, numerous delegations of potential investors visited Kyiv to learn about business opportunities in Ukraine. Thus, the Forum is working to improve the reputation of the country, and many entrepreneurs find partners, clients and new contacts for business development during the KIEF.

For the news about KIEF, you can follow the forum's website and its official Facebook page.

Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF) is a permanently operating venue for shaping the strategy of economic development of Ukraine. It is aimed at setting up a dialogue between experts, businesses and government, using the best international practices, creating a road map for the development and promoting the conversion of ideas into real action.

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