Why Ukraine has little investment and how to fix it


Recent year's events showed that global players are switching to their internal problems, so prospects for the Marshall Plan for Ukraine remain foggy. Thus, Ukraine has to compete for investments on equal terms with other countries. In the meantime, low-cost labor force, beneficial price of assets, course towards deregulation and promotion of international capital flow did not lead to a significant growth in the investment attractiveness of Ukraine.

The country today is clearly underestimated by investors who still lack information on investment points in Ukraine. This is a weakness, but on the other hand, this situation hides significant prospects that can be realized in the near future.

"Investment attractiveness is a combination of investment infrastructure and faith in the country and its future," believes Serhiy Budkin, investment banker, Founding and Managing Partner of FinPoint Investment Advisors. Serhiy will be the moderator of the panel discussion called "Investment Attractiveness of Ukraine" within the fourth Kyiv International Economic Forum (KIEF). The discussion will bring together top-level experts, such as Francis Malige, Managing Director, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus for the EBRD, Vazil Hudak, Vice President of the European Investment Bank, Daniel Bilak, Director at UkraineInvest and Chief Investment Adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine. They will speak about points of growth, removing barriers between investors and Ukrainian companies, and other key issues.

KIEF-2017 on October 6-7 will include 20 panel discussions and 10 round tables. The Forum will feature renowned economists and influential representatives of public and financial sectors, including the governments of Ukraine and other countries, members of the European Commission, top managers of EBRD and EIB, owners of companies and CEOs of corporations.

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