Kyiv International Economic Forum has launched a new special project – #KIEFinsights

Chairman of the KIEF Organizing Committee, Yurii Pyvovarov, and executive director of UFuture holding company Nicholas Tymoshchuk, together with the experts of Kyiv International Economic Forum analyze and discuss current economic, social and political challenges, determine their impact on Ukraine and the world in a video format.

Kyiv International Economic Forum is a stable international platform working for the development of the domestic economy and its integration into European and global markets.

“We are building a successful future by bringing together people who have a desire and are able to change the world for the better. At the time of great challenges, it is crucial for us to continue sharing the experience and knowledge of our experts”, adds the Organizing Committee of the Forum.

That is why Kyiv International Economic Forum has started #KIEFinsights project, which has been joined by prominent Ukrainian and international speakers. FinPoint founder Serhii Budkin, venture investor Illia Laurs, well-known Ukrainian investment banker Volodymyr Lavrenchuk, CEO and co-owner at Stekloplast Nataliia Yeremieieva, professor of finance at IMD and director at IMD World Competitiveness Center Arturo Bris have already become the guests of the special project.

“Each of us is in an extremely fast flow of information. It is important for the KIEF to convey exclusively verified information to the audience and give a professional assessment of what is happening in the world today and what to expect tomorrow. Together with our experts, we are discussing the economic crisis, business transformations and all those political, digital and financial changes that we must go through”, Chairman of the KIEF Organizing Committee, Yurii Pyvovarov emphasized the goal of the project.

Experts analyzed the impact of the global crisis and new opportunities for Ukraine, analyzed the anti-crisis strategies of the leading companies in the world and shared a professional look at global transformations in political, economic and digital life.

“What is happening now is Keynes’s almost final victory over the Austrian school of economics”, Serhii Budkin concluded, comparing the effects of coronavirus and the economic crisis in China, Europe, and the USA.

Arturo Bris, in a conversation with Nicholas Tymoshchuk, draws attention to changes in the global paradigm of our time: “We have realized the fragility of our global economy. We are retreating from globalization”.

“We need to rely on negative forecasts in order to make the right conclusions in time and avoid a huge collapse. If fortune is on our side and the forecast does not come true, we will be able to relax and have tea”, Volodymyr Lavrenchuk emphasizes.

The project is available to view on the official pages of Kyiv International Economic Forum on Facebook and YouTube.  

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