Alex Lutskiy

Co-founder and CEO of Innovecs

Alex Lutskiy Ukraine

Alex Lutskiy founded Innovecs in 2012 when he had returned to Ukraine after 18 years of a successful career in the USA. There, he had been working at the leading positions in various companies. He worked as a VP of R&D in Ipsos in North America and VP of Delivery in Global Logic. Apart from that, Alex participated in the foundation of several technological startups. One of them was purchased by a huge international service for booking accommodations. 

The experience gained in the USA helped Alex to build his own successful company. Despite the remarkable career abroad, Alex came back home to take part in the development of the country and the IT industry. He applied the skills and knowledge needed for running the business in Ukraine, scaling it globally, and standing international competition.

In 2017, Alex was rewarded with the national “Man of the Year” premium while his company was acknowledged as the leader in the digital industry in Ukraine.

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