Anatolii Kinakh

President, The Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (ULIE)

Anatolii Kinakh Ukraine

Mr. Anatolii Kinakh is the renowned public figure both within Ukraine and abroad and expert on economic and social issues. He possesses vast experience in public authorities of all levels – from the local governor to the prime minister. He was a member of parliament of five convocations.

He presides in Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. ULIE with his leadership is actively involved in formation of the auspicious business climate and safeguarding of rights and interests of entrepreneurs. He initiated establishment of Anticrisis Council of Non-Governmental Organizations which consolidates over one hundred business associations and experts and has elaborated toolkit of anticrisis measures for Ukrainian economy.

Awarded with Yaroslav the Wise Order of 4 th and 5 th grades, For Merits Order of the 3 rd grade, numerous other Ukrainian and foreign honours.

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