Andrey Gorokhov

Chief Executive Officer of UMG Investments

Andrey Gorokhov Ukraine

Andrey Gorokhov has been managing UMG Investments since 2009. He has more than 15 years of experience in M&A, investment management, corporate governance and finance.Before joining UMG, Mr Gorokhov worked at United Capital (asset management), SCM (asset management), PwC (finance consulting and auditing) and the ARBED Group (metal industry).

During his career, Andrey Gorokhov has gained significant practical experience in investment, mining, machinery, transport, energy, metal and other industries.

Under Mr Gorokhov’s management, UMG has seen a seven-fold increase in the capitalization of its investment portfolio, growing to USD 400 million. Its mining business has considerably expanded and optimised, and new businesses have been added to the portfolio.

Andrey Gorokhov is an alumnus of two business schools: INSEAD (EMBA 2008) and Harvard Business School (PLD 2016).

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