Anna Zharova

Founder and CEO, Israeli Ukrainian Alliance

Anna Zharova Israel

Entrepreneur, mentor, speaker, specializes in developing, managing and launching new projects in commercial and social spheres. Her main areas of expertise are business diplomacy, project management, social entrepreneurship and organizational behavior. From 2006 till 2016 she had been working at The Jewish Agency for Israel's Russian Speaking Jewry Unit and was holding the position of the Director of Educational Leadership projects and organizational development for non-profit organizations in the FSU. She is an alumni of the PresenTense Venture Accelerator, specialization - Innovation. For the last eight years, Anna has been promoting development of social, cultural, educational, and business relations between Ukraine and Israel. She is the Board member in NGO Pnima, social solutions for Israeli society. Besides, she is CEO and Founder of "Israeli Friends of Ukraine", the one of the most active nongovernmental organizations in Israel that represents Israelis who were born in Ukraine. Since 2014, the organization, in cooperation with the Embassy, has been engaged in the implementation of humanitarian projects (treatment of wounded Ukrainian soldiers in Israel, sending humanitarian aid, educational programs), consolidation of the movement in support of Ukraine in Israel (conducting scale protests, demonstrations, flash mobs, interviews in the leading media in support of Ukraine. She has founded Israeli Ukrainian Alliance, a business platform which strengthens network connections between two countries by expansion of bilateral economic cooperation: organization of business tours, trade missions, B2B meetings and international conferences.

Anna Zharova holds a Master's degree in Organizational Consulting and Development and a Bachelor's degree in Educational Consulting.  

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