Ari-Pekka Maattanen

Senior Vice President, Head of business unit Containerboards at Stora Enso

Ari-Pekka Maattanen Finland

Stora Enso Oyj is a leading provider of renewable solutions in forest industry: fibre based packaging solutions, wood products, biomaterials and paper. 26 000 employees are working in Stora Enso in 35 countries and annual turnover is € 9,8 billion. Stora Enso is the oldest listed company in the world and its roots goes back to late 13 th century, more than 700 year old. Long term success has been based on many transformations through the history and latest is ongoing, to transform into a renewable material growth company.

Ari-Pekka has been in head of Stora Enso’s containerboard business unit since 2013. He is responsible of containerboard production and global sales including business development and strategy. In current duties, he is also leading functional streams in division Packaging Solution level: division investments and occupational health and safety.

He has managed to change approach in global commodity business, containerboards, and changed volume mindset to value among his organization and customers. That has been done with great support of Stora Enso’s divisions and containerboard’s internal customers in division Packaging Solutions. In 2015 he has built new value added service offering and combined that with products under one brand.

With differentiated offering during last year’s business has been growing significantly and Ari-Pekka, with his team, have successfully open new global markets in Asia Pacific, Latin-America and Mexico among the Europe to make room for profitable growth.

Prior to that Ari-Pekka was responsible of operations in same business in Finland, Poland, France and US where he made organizational upgrades which were clearly visible in units results.


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