Ari Pokka

Principal of the largest secondary school in Finland, Schildt Upper Secondary School

Ari Pokka Finland

Ari Pokka is an education policymaker, secondary school principal and author. He is a former President of the Finnish Association of School Principals and International Confederation of Principals.

In 2015 an English language version of his authored book Top Class - Finnish School Leadership and Management was published.

Having experience of managing and developing education in Finland for over 25 years, he has an international consultancy and advisory profile which spans many countries.

Currently, Ari is working in EduCluster Finland to build up the first Finnish International High School in Doha, Qatar. Same time he`s making consultancy for other Finnish high School projects in the Arabian continent, Taiwan and Maldives.

During his career, he has been strongly involved nationwide curriculum work, legislation and education funding, principals and teacher qualification and in-service training and learning environments developing. 

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