Dmytro Musiienko

Member of the Management Board Member (Chief Retail Banking Officer) in PrivatBank

Dmytro Musiienko Ukraine

A seasoned executive in banking practice with over 20 years in senior management positions in Ukrainian banks and international financial groups, particularly in Societe Generale, Piraeus Bank Group, BNP Paribas Group.

Mr. Musiienko has been working at PrivatBank since 2020. In September 2022, he was appointed the Management Board Member in charge of retail business. The Bank’s regional network, covering 12 macro-regional divisions with more than 1,000 branches, is also under his scope of responsibilities.

Education: Master of Business Administration (MBA, Kyiv-Mohyla Business School), specialist in "Management of Organizations" (National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy), specialist in "Economics and Management in Trade and Catering" (Lviv University of Trade and Economics).

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