Jonathan Holslag

Co-founder of the Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies

Jonathan Holslag Belgium

Jonathan Holslag works on international politics and Asian affairs at the Free University of Brussels. His work focuses on international security and Europe’s position in the global order.

In 2015, Singapore’s Straits Times named him one of Europe’s most influential Asia experts.

Jonathan has written five books. His work was translated into seven different languages. Jonathan has written over 40 academic papers.

Shorter pieces of his hand appeared in news outlets like the Financial Times, the Guardian, South China Morning Post, European Voice, the Wall Street Journal, the Globalist, Foreign Policy, the Harvard International Review and EU Observer.

He is a guest lecturer at the Belgian Defense Academy, the Dutch Defense College and the NATO Defense College.

Jonathan advised Fortune Global 500 companies on their Asia strategy and is a frequent speaker at internal briefings at board and high executive level.

Jonathan founded the Friday Group, a reflection group of young Belgian leaders, supported by the King Baudouin Foundation. He sits on the Scientific Board of the Royal Military Academy and the Board of the Flemish Council for Foreign Affairs. In 2015, he was appointed Special Advisor to the first Vice-President of the European Commission, Mr. Frans Timmermans, and a member of the wise men group of the Belgian Minister of Defence.

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