Inga Andreieva (online)

Country Manager of Mastercard in Ukraine and Moldova

Inga Andreieva (online) Ukraine

Inga Andreieva leads Mastercard’s business in Ukraine and Moldova. Under Inga’s management, for the years Mastercard has been holding its position as a market driver and an ambassador of innovations in the markets.

Mastercard has succeeded considerably in boosting cashless, and particularly digital payments as well as in launching benchmark smart city solutions both in Ukraine and Moldova. Due to the efforts of Inga’s team, Ukraine holds one of the leading positions globally by the number of NFC transactions with Mastercard, more than 40 cashless projects have been launched in the country in the city infrastructure.

Since the start of the full-scale invasion Inga`s team continue to support banks, merchants, and millions of consumers in Ukraine 24/7. This includes strategic partnerships with banks to ensure the resilience of their infrastructure via cloud connectivity solutions; "Digital First" programs for mobile-only banking with a physical card option; partnerships with merchants, expanding its cashless services; launch of ‘Diia.Business’ consultancy center for Ukrainian SMEs in Warsaw together with the Ministry of Digital Transformation; and launch of Start Path Ukraine initiative to help Ukrainian fintechs and entrepreneurs to accelerate growth and contribute to the rebuilding of Ukraine`s economy. As a recognition of Mastercard`s multiple efforts to support Ukraine, in July this year the company was awarded with the ‘Ukraine Peace Prize’, introduced by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Inga has more than 20 years of experience in the industry. She joined Mastercard in 2013 as a Senior Account Manager and took the position of Head of Sales for Ukraine and Moldova in 2014. Starting from September 2018 Inga leads company business in Ukraine and Moldova.

Prior to Mastercard, Inga worked for the National Bank of Ukraine, IPS, and the number local and foreign banks, where she was responsible for retail and card business development and succeeded in building strong client relationships, which resulted in a considerable business growth for the companies.

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