Crispin Ellison

Senior partner Marsh, McLennan

Crispin Ellison United States of America

Crispin Ellison is a senior partner Marsh McLennan – the world’s largest risk advisory business with 85,000 employees and leads the firm’s work in Ukraine. Formally an officer in the British Army, Crispin has for the past 25 years provided advice to Governments around the world on their major challenges.

He has worked closely with the Government of Ukraine over the past 12 months on its strategic recovery challenges, including: what sort of country does Ukraine want to be after the war and how will it get there; how to deliver some of the essential enablers that will allow the huge investment needed for recovery and transformation (rule of law, corruption, robust financial services, insurance and risk reduction). He has led teams to support the Government of Ukraine in providing war risk insurance for Black Sea grain shipments in the current heightened risk envinoment, and delivering a war risk data sharing platform that will allow investors and insurers to understand that risks are very different across Ukraine. Currently he is working with industry and government to provide an affordable travel insurance facility to allow business people and others to visit the country.

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