Maxim Timchenko

CEO of DTEK, holding company in the energy sector in Ukraine

Maxim Timchenko Ukraine

Maksim Timchenko has been CEO of DTEK since the establishment of the company in 2005. Under his leadership, DTEK has become the largest private investor in Ukraine's energy sector and has developed into an integrated European energy company. The DTEK CEO is a member of the Electricity Governors, the World Economic Forum, and the Supervisory Boards of the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine and the American University of Kyiv. Over the years, Maksim Timchenko has been awarded as the best top manager in Ukraine by the business media and was ranked among the top ten CEOs in the Forbes Ukraine Top 25 list. In 1997, he graduated with honours from the Donetsk State Academy of Management with a degree in Production Management. Later, he received a diploma with honours of Bachelor of Economics and Social Sciences from the University of Manchester (UK).

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