Marco Toson

Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Italy and the President of Confindustria Ucraina

Marco Toson Italy

Marco Toson has been working with Ukraine for more than 20 years. Therefore, he owns a deep knowledge of its market, institutions, people and culture. From February 2012, Marco Toson is Honorary Consul of Ukraine for the North-East of Italia and has the full support of the National Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine and the Embassy of Ukraine in Italy. Consul Marco Toson has developed important relationships within the entrepreneurial, political and institutional world.

From July 2016, Marco Toson is the President of the Italian Representative office of the National Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine, the main purpose of which contributes the development of the economic, commercial, technical, juridical, scientific and cultural collaboration between Italy and Ukraine. 

In March 2018, Confindustria Ucraina was created and in July of this year it was obtained a recognition from the Council of Presidency of Confindustria Italia, and consequently Marco Toson was nominated as President of Confindustria Ucraina. The main mission of the association is to represent and accompany Italian companies in the development of their activities in the various sectors, bringing Italian excellence to Ukraine and thus fostering economic relations between the two countries. Confindustria Ucraina exclusively represents the interests of Italian industrials and entrepreneurs in the territory of Ukraine, cooperates with main and regional Confindustria in Italy and collaborates with representatives of Confindustria in various countries and Confindustria Est Europa, which unites countries such as Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belorussia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia.

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