Milan S. Lakhani

Head of Strategy & Business Development of the Konica Minolta, Inc.

Milan S. Lakhani United Kingdom

With over 20 years of working experience, Milan has built a career in business-led innovation, and, as the Head of Strategy & Business Development of the Konica Minolta Business Innovation Centre, Europe, he is responsible for the overall strategy and management of developing a joint client innovation agenda.

Milan’s areas of expertise include innovation management, cross cultural management of change, business model innovation, emerging technologies, building intrapreneurship programmes, digital & business transformation and developing innovation as a service.

Prior to joining Konica Minolta, Milan spent 16 years with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) / Hewlett Packard (HP), of which the last 7 years were within the office of the CEO, supporting the set up of one of the largest global enterprise innovation programmes in the IT Services industry.

Milan is also an Associate of the Centre for Technology, Innovation & Engagement at Leeds Business School (UK), where he delivers a lecture on innovation & strategy to MBA students.

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