Nicolas Sadirac

Co-founder and executive director of 42

Nicolas Sadirac France

Nicolas is passionate about pedagogy and in France is one of the main supporters of “active learning”. Based on the fact that “learning by doing” is a source of pleasure and thus leads to superior student performance, he invented and then directed Epitech in 1999, which, under his management, became the epitome of excellence in computer training in France. He is fierce opponent of an education system that he knows by heart (Henri IV, Stanford University, EPITA, HEC), but one that has stopped reinventing itself, and thus eventually fails to identify the best and true talents in the digital domain. With the creation of 42, Nicolas goes even further as he always looks to improve student performance in the realm of computer education. By creating 42, he has not only created a university which has no tuition fees and one that opens its doors to all talents, but one which features a peer-to-peer based learning with a limitless capacity for development.

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