Alexey Botvinov

Founder and president of the annual international music festival ODESSA CLASSICS

Alexey Botvinov Ukraine

Alexey Botvinov is the founder and president of the annual ODESSA CLASSICS music festival, which in a short time has become one of Europe's leading classical festivals according to Crescendo, Reise und Kultur, and other publications.

Pianist Alexey Botvinov has performed solo and with leading orchestras in major concert halls in 45 countries, and he is considered one of the best performers of Rachmaninov's music in the world. Mr. Botvinov is the only pianist in the world to have performed Bach's difficult masterpiece, the Goldberg Variations, on stage more than 300 times.

Mr. Botvinov has a reputation as an innovator in classical music. The artist has pioneered many unique projects, and those that are a synthesis of different forms and genres of art attract particular attention.

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