Sebastian Tolstoy

President of Ericsson in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Sebastian Tolstoy Sweden

Sebastian Tolstoy is President of Ericsson in Eastern Europe and Central Asia since July 05, 2017.

The responsibility of Sebastian Tolstoy includes the development of 5G, IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud technologies and the digitalization of the business of Ericsson partners in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and other countries in the region.

Sebastian Tolstoy has extensive experience in telecommunications and ICT. In particular, he was involved in the development of Ericsson’s business in the field of mobile communication technologies, managing the sales of products, solutions and services of the company, and marketing functions. He joined Ericsson in 1996, and over the years he has held various leadership positions in many countries around the world. Between 1996 and 2009, Sebastian led client service in Sweden, the United States, and Japan.

Since 2009, Sebastian was responsible for product management, business development, strategic and marketing communications. Among his achievements is the repositioning of the GSM (2G) standard and the implementation of Agile methods in research and development (R&D). Sebastian directly led successful projects that laid the foundation for the use of digital marketing at Ericsson. He also made a significant contribution to laying the foundation for the company's new wireless strategy, which launched the award-winning Ericsson Radio System product portfolio and innovative concepts, including 5G plug-ins.

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