Serhiy Haydaychuk

Founder and President of CEO Club Ukraine


Serhiy Haydaychuk is a founder and president of the largest Ukrainian business club – CEO Club Ukraine (part of the global organization CEO Club International), which unites more than 180 CEOs and owners of medium and large businesses for development, communication and cooperation.

Besides CEO Club Ukraine actively implements social initiatives. One of them is Social Platform Genetation+. The project is initiated by members of the CEO Club to support teenagers from vulnerable categories on the threshold of adulthood. In this year's program for young people 15-17 years old from Kyiv and the Kyiv region take part in more than 50 teens.

Serhiy is an expert in building business communities, with more than a dozen successfully launched community-based projects: Young Business Club, Ukrainian Real Estate Club, the launch of the Ukrainian branch of YPO, etc. Also, he is a project ideologist Global U-LEAGUE. It's a global business club platform that unites successful and progressive Ukrainians from around the world.

Sergiy is sure the quality of our life and the prospects for our activity directly depend on the people around us. That's why he has created an environment of strong, successful, conscious and progressive people with high values in order to create a better future of our country together.

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