Vyacheslav Lysenko

Founder of "Ukr-China Communication", shareholder of "Meest China"

Vyacheslav Lysenko Ukraine

Vyacheslav Lysenko is a Ukrainian businessman, investor, expert in conducting business in China, expert in Ukrainian-Chinese relations, public figure and philanthropist.

He has been working with China and Eastern countries since 1994. During this time, he has developed strong relationships with representatives of diplomatic and governmental agencies in China and earned a great reputation among prominent local Chinese entrepreneurs. His expertise includes foreign economic activity and knowledge of customs regulations, required to form transparent and efficient work in customs.

Founder of "Ukr-China Communication," founder of "Ukr-China Logistics" and "Ukr-China Investment," shareholder of "Meest China" (delivery of goods from China). Publisher of "Ukr-China Communication" magazine — the first and only publication covering relations between Ukraine and China. Co-founder of "Young Business Club" — an international club for young business owners. Member of the Supervisory Board of CEO Club Ukraine — the most influential association of business leaders.

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