Vitaliy Antonov

Founder of OKKO Group

Vitaliy Antonov Ukraine

In 1988 graduated from Ternopil’ Financial and Economic Institute, Dpt. of Finance and Loans, Degree with Distinction. Ph.D. in Economics.

The holding headed by Vitaliy Antonov includes "Concern Galnaftogaz" (OKKO filling complexes network), "Khlibprom" (TM "Khlibnakhata", "Bandіnellі", "Namynayko"), Insurance company "Universalna", Housing and Construction Company "Vash Dim" and a number of venture businesses.

In 1999-2000 Vitaliy Antonov held the position of Head of commission on questions of fuel and energy complex of Ukraine, Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Businessmen.

2009-2010 – Member of Council of Investors within the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Vitaliy Antonov is the co-founder of L'viv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University. Founder of the Charitable Foundation “Ukrainian-Lithuanian Taras Shevchenko fund”.

For successful business activity and active public position Vitaliy Antonov was awarded with an Order of Merit of the ІІІ degree and with the governmental reward of the Republic of Lithuania «The Star of Lithuania's Millennium».


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