Vitalii Stavnichuk

The Director of the Production, Research and Development Department at Kernel Agribusiness

Vitalii Stavnichuk Ukraine

For more than 17 years, Vitalii Stavnichuk has held senior positions in lead agribusiness companies in Ukraine. He sees his main task in the organization of innovative, technological, scientifically sound agribusiness.

In 2012, Vitalii joined Kernel, the world's largest sunflower oil producer and exporter, the leading producer and supplier of agricultural products in the Black Sea Region at the world markets.

Under his leadership, the Company has introduced new technological solutions and innovative projects that allow to effectively manage the land bank of more than 600 thousand hectares: increase in yields, high-quality products, while reducing the costs of production. In particular, the introduction of precision farming, meteorological monitoring, the use of unmanned equipment, digital technologies and research facilities in the fields of the Company, thus becoming a driver for the expiration of Big Data and creation of its own artificial intelligence at Kernel – the world's first integrated digital system #DigitalAgriBusiness.

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