Eugen von Rubinberg

Investor, Chairman and CEO of Rubinberg AG and Technologies Improving the World AG

Eugen von Rubinberg Switzerland

Eugen von Rubinberg, is an investor with extensive entrepreneurial experience. Thanks to his direct commitments to various companies, he combines financial, operational and strategic know-how. This makes him an excellent partner in all entrepreneurial matters.

Eugen von Rubinberg has been working as an entrepreneur for more than 15 years. He is a Chairman and CEO of Rubinberg AG and Technologies Improving the World AG, which specialize in the development of mobile applications in the areas of security and communication. Eugen von Rubinberg structured and set up various funds. As a member of investment and compensation committees, he was responsible for a large number of transactions.

He also held various management positions. His activities have brought him together with important personalities from business and politics. He maintains friendly relationships with many of them and knows how to use their key positions.

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