Yevhen Pentsak

Scientific Director of MBAF program at kmbs


He teaches Economics, Finance, Investments and Risk Management.

Yevhen has Ph.D. from Lausanne University (Switzerland). He is Professor of Finance and Economics at kmbs, worked as director of business school at L’viv Institute of Management, taught advanced econometrics at University of Lausanne (UNIL), financial mathematics at Lausanne Polytechnic Institute (EPFL), investment management at Rotterdam University (ERU), worked as researcher at IEMS (Institute for Health Economics and Management, Lausanne), and as investment director of P&S Capital Ukraine.

Yevhen Pentsak is the author of numerous publications in econometrics, mathematics, economics, finance and risk management, participant in many international conferences, and co-founder of FASS (Finart Smart Solutions) and MODEX UKRAINE consulting companies. 

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