Evgeni Utkin

Chairman, Technology Holding Company KM Core, member of the Board ASPEN Kyiv

Evgeni Utkin Ukraine

Mr. Evgeni Utkin is a successful entrepreneur and one of the pioneers and leaders of the high-tech industry in CIS and CEE. Having founded one of the first IT companies in post-Soviet times he has taken his company through the many growth phases, from founding the Kvazar-Micro company in 1990, diversifying the business, entering new markets and geographies, creating an international company, M&A and IPO with valuation 2,3 billion usd. Throughout this time, the company has maintained significant business partnerships with global technology leaders such as Intel, Oracle, IBM, Cisco and Microsoft. Evgeni’s approach to business is accelerating ‘knowledge based businesses’ and enterprise value-creation. Having combined his knowledge of doing business in CIS and CEE, with a global perspective of growing innovative and leading companies, he is acknowledged as a leader of the new generation of entrepreneurs.  

Mr. Utkin is also a notable philanthropist, very active in promotion of Ukrainian culture through his support of art and music projects both in Ukraine and Europe.

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