Yuriy Batkhin

Vice President for Business Development, Mastercard Ukraine and Moldova

Yuriy Batkhin Ukraine

Yuriy Batkhin is an expert in digital payments and innovations. Yuriy joined Mastercard in 2012 and became one of the implementors of revolutionary payment technologies and solutions in Ukraine and on other markets of CEE.

Yuriy Batkhin is responsible for business development in Ukraine and Moldova. Together with the team, he has launched a lot of unique use cases for cashless payments, as well as online and mobile payments bringing digital experience to both banking sector and retail. Yuriy has been leading NFC wallet launches in Ukraine among which are Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Mi Pay, SwatchPAY. And now 25 banks have activated contactless mobile payments with the Mastercard digital platform (MDES). Ukraine, is steadily in the TOP-10 countries around the world for the number of NFC transactions with Mastercard.

Yuriy Batkhin has also actively participated in the launch of the Masterpass digital wallet platform, which provided a brand new experience of online payments: in a single click, without the need to enter card details each time to make a payment. With Masterpass today you can make utility, administrative, and regular payments, pay for parking, pay for fuel at gas stations and pay for many other goods and services.

Yuriy coordinates the launches of smart city projects in Ukraine, over the past 5 years Mastercard in Ukraine has implemented more than 40 smart city projects that cover ground and underground public transport, places for recreation and entertainment, etc.

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