Zhanna Kryuchkova

Founder of Jansen Capital Management

Zhanna Kryuchkova Ukraine

Co-owner of Automobile Holding Almaz Group Co. and construction company Stikon. Founder of Jansen Capital Management and Huxley media. Zhanna is a member of the Audit Committee of the "Association of Aspen-Ukraine graduates". The mission of the organization is to contribute to the promotion of value-based leadership, and to the establishment of a dialogue culture for dealing with critical issues in society and in the formulation of public policy. Also she is a Board member, All-Ukrainian Charity Foundation “Chess For Children“. Zhanna Kryuchkova entered the rating “Best and Bright” - Top-50 of the best students in the world of the 2016 Executive MBA.

Almaz Group Co. - a network of authorized dealerships for sales and service of Porsche, Lexus, Toyota, Scania, MAN.

Stikon - construction of residential and commercial real estate, as well as engineering structures.

Jansen Capital Management is a management consulting company. 

Huxley - a business publication dedicated to philosophy, business and art.

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