Dialogue with Joseph Stiglitz, recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences
#KIEFinsights. Impact of the corona-crisis on Ukraine's economy and business
#KIEFinsights. Investing Amid Recession
#KIEFinsights with Loren Graham, Professor Emeritus, of History of Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
#KIEFinsights with Giovanni Salvetti, Managing director at Rothschild, Head of CIS
#KIEFinsights with Arturo Bris, Director of IMD World Competitiveness Center
KIEF 2019. KIEF Talk Ukraine 2025. From Strategies to Actions
KIEF 2019. Digital Transformation: Resources, Technologies and Processes
KIEF 2019. How to Reshape Your Business for the Future?
KIEF 2019. Living Over 100 Years. Technologies for Healthy Longevity
KIEF 2019. Venture Investment: Ways to Find and Attract
KIEF 2019. Leaders at the Time of Transformation
KIEF 2019. Private Equity: Who Can You Trust?
KIEF 2019. What idea will lead to Ukraine’s breakthrough?
KIEF 2019. Society 4.0: where will exponential technologies lead humanity?
KIEF 2019. Media Transformation in the Digital World
KIEF 2019. Investment Attractiveness of the Emerging Markets: Risks and Opportunities
KIEF 2019. Dialog with the Prime Minister of Ukraine
Human VS Algorithm. Vasyl Khmelnytsky and INDAX about Ukraine’s success formula
KIEF 2019. Innovation Ecosystem: Key Lessons from Best Practices
KIEF 2019. 2020: Global Economic Crisis or New Opportunities?
KIEF 2019. How Climate Change will Change Your Business
KIEF 2019. Ukraine on the Global Economic Map
KIEF 2019. Trade Wars and their Influence on the Global Economy
KIEF 2019. Energy Independence of Ukraine
KIEF 2019. Ukraine's Role in the Hi-Tech World
KIEF 2019. Unlocking the Economic Potential of the Industry 4.0
KIEF 2019. Education 4.0: Learning Today for Tomorrow's World
KIEF 2019. Plenary Session. Successful Strategies For Countries And Companies
KIEF 2019. Dialog with Jack Ma
KIEF 2019. Grand Opening
KIEF 2018. Generation of Artificial Intelligence
KIEF 2018. New Leaders for the Digital World
KIEF 2018. Investment Climate and Global Competition
KIEF 2018. Entrepreneurship Insights. How Failures Lead to Success
KIEF 2018. Industry X.0: Smart Business, Smart Assets and Smart Services
KIEF 2018. Investment in the Turbulent World: Which Strategies Win?
KIEF 2018. Ukraine: From Agriculture To AgroTech
KIEF 2018. Ukraine Talk: Creative Ideas and Tech for Export
KIEF 2018. Hard Talk of Business Leaders "Shapers of the Future"
KIEF 2018. Blockchain Art Hackathon Pitching - Day 2
KIEF 2018. Public Talk with Milan Lakhani, Konica Minolta Inc. (United Kingdom)
KIEF 2018. Drone Presentation by Nataliya Kosmyna (USA)
KIEF 2018. Public Talk with Daniel Querejazu, SRI international (USA)
KIEF 2018. Interview with Renee Friedman, The Economist
KIEF 2018. Public Talk "Fashion business in Ukraine"
KIEF 2018. Digital Transformation in Industry: Awakening
KIEF 2018. Grand Opening. Speech by Prime Minister of Ukraine
KIEF 2018. Plenary session. A New Era of Paradigm Shift
KIEF 2018. The Digital Transformation of Banking Systems
KIEF 2018. Trade Wars and their Influence on the Global Economy
KIEF 2018. The Future of Competitiveness: Corporations, Cities, Countries
KIEF 2018. Talk Show "Leadership: The Way to Success"
KIEF 2018. Development of Transport Infrastructure as a Driver for Economic Growth
KIEF 2018. Transformation of Corporation: Strategies & Solutions
KIEF 2018. Reloading Innovations. From System to Ecosystem
KIEF 2018. International Business: Competitors or Partners?
KIEF 2018. Blockchain Art Hackathon Pitching - Day 1
KIEF 2018. Public Talk with Sadashiv Pandit (India)
KIEF 2018. Public Talk with Denys Belkevych
KIEF 2018. Public Talk with Nina Levchuk, Google (Ireland)
KIEF 2017. Investment Attractiveness of Ukraine
KIEF 2017. New Opportunities at the Beginning of the Asian Century
KIEF 2017. «Made in Ukraine» vs «Made in the World»
KIEF 2017. Ukraine-Europe. Win-Win Strategy
KIEF 2017. From Nothing to A Million. How to Develop a Company?
KIEF 2017. Company Transformation in Response to Global Changes
KIEF 2017. Modern Tools for Regional Development
KIEF 2017. Go Online. Be cashless
KIEF 2017. Public Talk with Boaz Golany (Israel)
KIEF 2017. Public Talk with Vitalie Palanciuc (Switzerland)
KIEF 2017. Public Talk with Jonathan Woetzel (China)
KIEF 2017. Public Talk with Jonathan Holslag (Belgium)
KIEF 2017. Public Talk with Andrew Romans (USA)
KIEF 2017. Talk-show Business Reputation — Country Reputation
KIEF 2017. Welcome speech by Prime Minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Groysman
KIEF 2017. Plenary session. Global Challenges of The New Economic Reality
KIEF 2017. Sustainable and Inclusive Growth Strategy
KIEF 2017. Green Light for Green Entrepreneurship
KIEF 2017. Future of Agribusiness. Investments, technologies, innovations
KIEF 2017. Ukraine in the New World. Route To Success
KIEF 2017. Financing the Real Economy: Time to Act!
KIEF 2017. Business Education for the New Generation
KIEF 2017. Three Steps towards Business: Infrastructure, Taxes, Financing
KIEF 2017. Public Talk with Rajendra Kumar Pachauri (India)
KIEF 2017. Public Talk with Karin Mayer Rubinstein (Israel)
KIEF 2017. Public Talk with Anders Wijkman (Sweden)
KIEF 2017. Public Talk with Graeme Maxton (Switzerland)
KIEF 2016
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: International Cooperation: Ukraine-Europe (partner - Euronews)
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: Ukraine: Time for New Investments
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: International Cooperation: Ukraine-Asia
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: Investments in Agribusiness. Profitable Growth Through Innovation
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: Successful Investments – mission possible
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Investment Attractiveness
KIEF 2016. Plenary session: Challenges and Prospects of the 21st Century Economy
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: Industry 4.0 and Ukrainian Industrial Policy
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: Ukraine on the Global Economic Map (partner - Euronews)
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: Industry 4.0: What and How to Teach in the 21st Century?
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: Establishing Institutions for Sustainable Development
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: Anti-Corruption Global Experience
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: Ukraine’s Industrial Potential (partner - Interpipe)
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: Leadership and Reforms (partner - Deloitte)
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: Hi-Tech instruments for Ukrainian Industry Development
KIEF 2016. Panel discussion: Development Strategy of the Ukrainian Banking System
KIEF invites participants and partners
Best International Practices in Building Strong National Economy, KIEF 2015
Economic Doctrine and Industrial Policy, KIEF 2015
International Financial Aid to Ukraine: Will it Restart the Economy? KIEF 2015
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Sources for Financing: How to Revive the Banking System, KIEF 2015
Business – Government – Society. Magical Triangle for Successful Development, KIEF 2015
Digital Economy: Growth Driver for the Society, KIEF 2015
Chronicles of KIEF 2015
Discussion "Agricultural lands in Ukraine: to sell or not to sell?"
Press-breakfast “Industrial policy: archaism or last chance to save the economy?”
Round Table: “Successful country: will current reforms ensure competitiveness of Ukraine”
Press-breakfast "Higher gas prices: harsh inevitability or manipulation?"
Press breakfast "100 days after KIEF"
Business-Breakfast "How to make high-tech an engine of the Ukrainian economy?"
Busines-Breakfast "Financing for the development projects"
Victor Galasyuk about KIEF tasks
Ukraine: From Third World to First
Kiev International Economic Forum 2014 Video
Ukraine: From Third World to First
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Delivery of the Future
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Energy In Action
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