Generation of Artificial Intelligence (partner of discussion - SMART business)

18 October 10:00 - 11:30 Hall C 1st Floor

If machine technologies represent the future of work, where do humans fit in? Many fundamental changes still need to be made by employees to accommodate these changes. Merging AI and human minds could boost productivity, but will reduce the number of employees needed in almost all industries. Workers need to improve both their knowledge and skill level in order to cope with these changes. National systems of education, professional development, skills retraining, legal regulation and even existing ethical models may not cope with the results of such rapid development. 

The boundary between human and machine will become increasingly blurred, as devices continue to be interwoven into not only our economic systems, but also our private lives, as machines become our virtual assistants.

Big Data is manipulating social, economic and political processes. Artificial Intelligence already creates content and discredits information, while philosophers try to rethink human nature.

What are the opportunities and risks faced by countries and corporations due to the rise of AI? How should we apply artificial intelligence to businesses and our personal lives? How will these new technologies fundamentally change the world in the coming years?

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