Plenary session. A New Era of Paradigm Shift

17 October 10:00 - 11:30 Hall A 3rd Floor

Probably for the first time in the history of mankind we can see radical changes in all spheres of society within one generation. The speed of innovation is nearing singularity, while the capabilities of companies to grasp the changes and adapt to them is rapidly declining. 

Sophisticated technologies and rapid worldview transformation change the rules of the game on the conventional markets, while economic dominance of cities and corporations challenges the old state functions.

Under the pressure of demographic and migration processes, new opportunities of mass production automation and increasing polarization of societies, the strength of the globalization, which once turned the world into a unified network of value chains, is now being tested by states urging for isolationism.  

The improvement of technological capacity, manipulation of public opinion, increasing economic inequality and a lack of willingness of the elites to change the existing social and economic models may lead to destabilization of democratic systems.

Climate change pushes rich countries to resolute actions towards making the world’s economy “green”, however for poor countries such policy may mean a complete conservation of their economic backwardness.  

Which key changes will influence the humankind most in the next decade? What awaits the countries that are not the frontrunners in this world? Which sectors will be the first to feel the change of business paradigms? What do country and business leaders need to do to use the challenges of the new era for the better?  

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