How Climate Change will Change Your Business

07 November 16:00 - 17:30 B Hall 1st Floor

According to the annual reports presented on international platforms (UN, WEF, etc.), climate change is a major factor in the world economic paradigm. The economy in the 21st century is not limited to qualitative and quantitative growth, it also suggests a broader spectrum of factors that model the world financial system. Apart from demographic changes and introduction of high tech solutions, climate change is taking the priority position today.

Lack of adequate and timely reaction provokes the scary increase of the scale of climate-related challenges. Developed countries are taking climate change seriously and are taking measures accordingly, after the discussion with stakeholders: authorities, business, and society.

Today, regional and international companies must take into account the risk of changing climate and adjust business models of companies. How does the climate change impact approach to business?

What solutions does business need today, to maintain its position tomorrow? And who must ask the question and promote searching for the solution: business, authorities, or society?

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