Vasyl Mikulin

Founder, Varvar brewery

Vasyl Mikulin Ukraine

In the summer of 2014, the future founder of the brewery and his family fled from occupied and war-torn Donetsk to Kyiv. The formerly successful businessman (mostly in real estate) was left with nothing.

Before setting up his brewery and restaurant, Vasyl Mikulin decided to see with his own eyes how it is being made in the world. And, of course, to try it. Belgium, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic. Dozens of breweries, hundreds of varieties. Finally, having studied the experience of others, he decided to make beer himself. He bought a lot of literature and began self-educating.

Varvar has already brewed 60 kinds of beer in its less than three-year history. This is another advantage of a small brewery over a large factory: mobility, the ability to experiment and follow the tastes of customers.

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